Vodafone wins GSMA award for mobile automotive service


Vodafone has won the GSMA award for the ‘best mobile product or service for automotive’ for its premium car sharing service DriveNow

Vodafone has won a GSMA Global Mobile Award for its premium car sharing service, DriveNow.

The operator won the prize for ‘best mobile product or service for automotive’ for DriveNow, which allows vehicles to communicate their location, meaning they can be rented from and dropped off anywhere within the area of business.

The service already has over 88,000 users and a fleet of 1,500 cars across Germany and the US.

Customers sign up online to receive DriveNow ID’s, after which they can either pick up a car on the street or reserve via a smartphone app, internet or call centre.

The system will tell the user the location of the nearest car via an embedded unit with a Vodafone M2M SIM. The consumer can open the door with his DriveNow ID, enter a 4 digit pin and then start the motor with the start button. No physical car key is involved.

Vodafone director of M2M Erik Brenneis said: “The automotive industry can benefit hugely from this kind of mobile technology. By connecting cars to the internet, manufacturers, dealers, insurers and service providers can transform the products and services they offer.

“This will help to drive down operating costs, comply with new regulation, improve the user experience and generate revenue streams in new, innovative ways.”