Samsung damages payments to Apple reduced as new trial ordered


A judge has slashed the amount of damages Samsung has to pay Apple and ordered a new trial to look into the patent dispute

Samsung has had the damages it was ordered to pay Apple as part of a patent dispute substantially reduced.

A judge reduced the damages by $450 million from $1.05 billion and ordered a new trial for the 14 Samsung devices found to have infringed Apple’s intellectual property.

Judge Lucy Koh made the decision following demands from Apple and Samsung for higher and lower damages respectively.

The reduction is due to Koh agreeing with Samsung that there were inconsistencies in the way the original jury calculated the damages payable by the manufacturer.

She said the original jury did not provide the royalty rate it applied when working out the damages awarded – making it impossible to work out how much Apple should be awarded for sales of the offending devices after the case.

Koh added Apple hadn’t made clear when it had first notified Samsung of alleged patent infringements, making it harder to work out a starting date for calculating damages.

Koh’s decision to reduce the damages Samsung has to pay saw the South Korean manufacturer’s stocks rise by 1.1 per cent. Apple’s continue to decline following their peak in September – since which they have fallen 40 per cent.