Tablet adoption growing over laptops and PCs in businesses


Half would consider providing their employees with tablets, with 15 per cent believing they could operate without a desktop computer

Tablet adoption across UK businesses is growing, with half of chief information officers (CIOs) at mid-sized organisations considering offering them to employees over laptops and PCs.

This is according to research carried out in December by Vanson Bourne on behalf of Virgin Media Business, which questioned 500 CIOs on the usefulness of tablets amongst businesses.

It did find that 43 per cent believe that if they were banished from the workplace, there would be very little impact. Despite this, 15 per cent believe they could operate without a PC, with 14 per cent saying they could get by without a laptop.

CIOs are however in agreement over what benefits they are looking for from new technology. More than half (54 per cent) believe it will enable more remote working and 39 per cent it will help businesses be more flexible to identify cost savings and implement new services quicker.

Virgin Media Business director of product and marketing Duncan Higgins said: “We’re at a crossroads about which office hardware to invest in next. Clearly there’s a shift away from PCs, but it’s not clear yet if tablets are the heir apparent. Half of the market seems to be in favour of them, and the other half wouldn’t even notice if they weren’t around anymore.

“What we can say is that businesses want hardware that’ll free them from their traditional IT shackles. They want their workforce to be more flexible, and they want their business to be able to implement change more quickly. It strongly hints at a move towards mobile technology, but it’s up for grabs at the moment if this’ll be answered by tablets, laptops, or a hybrid of both.”