Three quarters of users have problems with their smartphones


Surve by finds people are irritated by a range of issues such as battery life, frozen screens, software faults, lack of 3G signal and failed calls and texts

Nearly three quarters of smartphone users have had some type of problem with their handset, suggesting that today’s high-tech devices are blighted with problems.

The is according to research conducted by price comparison website, who questioned 2,101 online through its ‘Opinion Panel’ in January.

Almost half (48 per cent) were most irritated by short battery life, followed by frozen screens (23 per cent) and software glitches (14 per cent).

In relation to accessing the internet on their smartphone, some two thirds (31 per cent) are being left frustrated by a lack of internet or 3G signal, with 27 per cent complaining about low browsing speeds.

The research also found that 12 per cent had with sending (12 per cent) or receiving (seven per cent) texts, as well as calls cutting out (13 per cent). telecoms expert Ernest Doku said: “As phones have got smarter, they have also got more temperamental. And, while manufacturers continue to push the boundaries with new designs, consumers shelling out for top of the range devices will be frustrated that they aren’t getting the most out of them. The biggest gripe is clearly battery life – a perennial problem that seems unlikely to go away with today’s smartphones boasting huge appetites when it comes to sapping power.

“Not getting a fast, reliable internet connection is another gripe for many smartphone users. To reduce the irritation of patchy coverage, make sure that before signing up for a new phone deal you compare the expected quality of coverage with the networks – both for calls and internet – where you live. If service for one provider is no good in your area, be sure to switch to one that has you covered.

“It is also important to consider a ‘4G-ready’ handset if you are on the market for buying a new smartphone. With 4G already being rolled out to many major cities, and networks already selling 4G enabled devices, it’s important that your next mobile is able to take advantage of superfast speeds if you want to put an end to sluggish surfing once and for all.”