TalkTalk unveils bolt-ons for Mobile contract customers


Options available for customers include international calls, UK minutes, texts and BlackBerry services

TalkTalk has added a number of bolt-ons to its Mobile service including extra minutes, texts, data and BlackBerry services.

The broadband and landline provider started promoting mobile service to its existing customer-base last year and has three different tariffs available.

Its Small plan gives 100 minutes, 250 texts and 100MB of data, the medium tariff is for 300 minutes, 3,000 texts and 500MB while the large tariff comes with 1,000 minutes, 3,000 texts and 2GB of data.

The bolt-ons start at £2.50 for 100 UK minutes, 500 texts or 150MB. BlackBerry services are also £2.50. There are also a range of £5 extras which offer 250 UK minutes, 1,000 texts or 500MB of data. International minute packages can also be added to existing deals.

TalkTalk commercial director Tristia Clarke said: “We expect these boosts to appeal to a wide range of our customers whose needs vary on a month to month basis. The process is simple and easy to use and the prices are unbeatable. These boosts demonstrate our commitment to customers by providing them with the best value mobile tariffs.”