Sony says 2013 is biggest year yet, as £40m campaign begins


Manufacturer classing this year as its “comeback and beyond” as its biggest ever marketing push begins with the Xperia Z

Sony Mobile says 2013 is the most important year in its 12-year history, as it prepares an assault on the smartphone market with a £40 million advertising campaign.

This is according to Sony Mobile vice president, head of global marketing creation Stephan Croix, who told Mobile News the manufacturer needs to “reignite the passion” its customers have for the brand.

To help achieve this, Sony is doubling the £20 million it spent on its last major campaign, which it ran throughout last year, and is deploying the new campaign in 20 global markets, aiming to highlight the best technologies in its devices.

The campaign is so far showcasing its Xperia Z smartphone, which went on sale in the UK on March 1.

More Xperia device releases will follow this year, including its recently announced Xperia Tablet Z, which is due to go on sale in Q2.

In January, Sony Mobile president of north-western Europe Pierre Perron told Mobile News he wanted the company to be the third biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world by the end of the year, behind Samsung and Apple.

Croix said the campaign is central to the company achieving this aim, classing 2013 as the year of its “comeback and beyond”.

“This is our most important year to date and this campaign is at the heart of the plan,” he said. “We have a big opportunity to promote our brand, drive awareness and reignite the passion that consumers have for it.

“We need to tell them that we have the best of Sony available in a smartphone, which is a very unique proposition in the market and one we think is going to resonate very widely.

“This is the year of our comeback and beyond. All the signals are green and the response we are getting from our partners is very positive.

“This is a very big moment in time for us where we can truly make an impact on the smartphone market.”