Bernabè: operators can help businesses fight $350m fraud


GSMA chairman says operators are ideally placed to fight issue, with the evolution of 4G aiding this

Mobile operators are perfectly positioned to help businesses reduce the risk of fraud.

Speaking during the opening keynote in Barcelona, GSMA chairman Franco Bernabè said more than 148,000 businesses worldwide experience cases of fraud on a daily basis, ranging across identity and confidential data theft.

He claimed the estimated cost to businesses as a result is more than $350 million, and that operators are well positioned to help reduce that risk.

He added that the evolution of 4G/LTE will enable operators to offer new and innovative services to help businesses protect confidential and sensitive information as part of a service offering.

Bernabè said: “The average cost to business has been estimated at over US$350 million, and yet failure continues to rise.

“This situation represents a very substantial opportunity for mobile operators to offer their customers more direct control over the management of their identities.”