Fujitsu in talks with Orange to sell senior phone in EE stores


Discussions ongoing about bringing the Stylistic S01 smartphone to the UK high street through operator

Fujitsu is in talks with Orange to bring its smartphone aimed at the senior market to the UK through EE stores.

The Stylistic S01 (pictured) launches in France next month and is aimed at the wealthier group of over-55s who are looking to move from high-end feature phones to a mid-range smartphone.

It is fully hearing-aid compatible, has a setting to slow down the voice of an incoming caller and can adjust the screen contrast for those with below average eyesight.

Although it runs Android Ice Cream Sandwich, the user interface has been adapted to downward-scrolling tiles and simplified for its target market. Each screen on the OS also has a help icon to take users through the features.

No prices are currently available, but Fujitsu EMEA mobile business product marketing director James Mayard confirmed it would be priced alongside mid-range smartphones.

“We’ve been very targeted,” he said.

“A year ago we looked at the market and saw it was very saturated. There are hundreds of smartphones and the key thing for us was to differentiate from everyone else. Seniors who want smartphones are under-served.

“We’re working closely with Orange on a roll-out outside of France and also are discussing how we can implement training of retail staff so they can educate the customers.

“It’s easy to just chuck an iPhone at everyone who comes in and what we’re trying to do is get carriers to tell their retail staff that this is the device for that specific demographic.”