Sony sets out vision to be Apple’s closest rival


Manufacturer targets second place in tablet space, while conceding it can’t beat Apple

Sony believes it can become the second biggest manufacturer in the tablet space, but concedes it has little chance of persuading existing iPhone and iPad users to move away from Apple.

The comment came from Sony Xperia product marketing manager Stephen Sneeden, who was discussing the prospects of the new Xperia Tablet Z and its namesake the Xperia Z smartphone at MWC last week.

He believes although the Xperia Z will be able to attract existing customers away from both Apple and Samsung, the brand loyalty of Apple in the tablet market may mean it is left fighting other manufacturers for customers who already use Android or other operating systems on their devices.

However, within the smartphone sector, he believes Sony is on track to break away from the pack of manufacturers chasing Samsung and Apple and become the clear third largest within two years.

Sneeden told Mobile News: “You have Apple and Samsung ahead then you have a mass of manufacturers where one month this one will be number three, then another month this one will be number three. We keep popping back and forth.

“We’ve been there and we’ll be there again. We can be a clear premium alternative in the top tier, pulling away from the manufacturers vying for third.

“When you look at a tablet, it’s a bit different because people tend to go for the OS they already have in a smartphone. While we welcome Apple customers coming over and buying an Xperia tablet, we realise we’re at a situation where we’re looking at existing Android customers for our tablets.”