Ingram Micro now a ‘formidable force’ in IT and mobile market


Firm makes claim as BrightPoint is renamed Ingram Micro Mobility following $840 million acquisition

Ingram Micro says it is now a “formidable” force in both IT and mobile – as BrightPoint is renamed Ingram Micro Mobility.

As reported by Mobile News early last month, Ingram completed its integration of BrightPoint at this year’s Mobile World Congress – almost five months after acquiring the firm for $840 million (£532 million).

According to new Ingram Micro Mobility president of Europe Jac Currie (pictured left) and Asia Pacific president of mobility business Shailendra Gupta (pictured centre), customers now have a “one-stop shop” for access to the broadest portfolio of mobility and converged technology products and services available.

Gupta said firms are driving mobile and IT markets together, highlighting areas such as cloud-based mobility services and BYOD integration. He claims Ingram is now “ahead of the curve” in catering for these needs to customers.

“BrightPoint is the only company which has got access to a complete spectrum of channels and customers,” Gupta said.

“The combination of BrightPoint and Ingram Micro is a big value-add for our customers and our vendor partners. The breadth of services, portfolio, geographic reach as well as the capabilities that we bring to the table puts us in a very strong and unique position.

“We are ahead of the curve and we are identifying the changing needs of our customers. And more importantly for the mobile manufacturers, they have to find a way to get into the business because they have focused so much on selling to consumers through retailers and so on.

“How do they do that? They need to work with a set of channel partners who sell into businesses. That’s why someone having access to both business channels is vital for their success.”

Currie added: “We are a very ethical company in the mobile space joining a very ethical company in the IT space. Two world leaders joining together.

“Our customers, our vendors and resellers can expect the same or better service than they had before given there is a much stronger balance sheet now backing up the business, more square feet of warehouse space, more people and a bigger platform for the manufacturers to use to reach the channel.”

Ingram Micro Mobility now has regional operations in 35 countries and customers in more than 75 countries. Ingram will now launch its traditional IT services into markets where BrightPoint previously had a presence but it did not – and the same goes for mobility.

Ingram already has existing mobile distribution business in a limited number of global markets – such as India – but says it will look to establish itself in markets such as France, China, Canada and Latin America.

Gupta: “There are many countries where we are market leaders and many where we are not and will continue to invest in those geographies. There are some markets where we are very strong in IT with no mobility and others where we are strong in mobility but no IT. So we can use our platforms.

“We need to make our mobility brand accessible to all our resellers.”