Wayra academies to recruit 130 paid interns across Europe


Telefonica-backed start-up incubator to support young people with new recruitment drive

Telefonica start-up accelerator Wayra is recruiting 130 paid interns to work in its academies across Europe, including London and Dublin.

The scheme, held in association with internship recruitment firm Enternships, will give young people the chance to earn placements either in the operational section of the academies themselves or with start-ups previously or currently supported by Wayra.

Opportunities are available in the academies in London, Munich, Dublin, Madrid, Barcelona or Prague.

Wayra Europe director Simon Devonshire said: “We are witnessing the birth of a new economy – the digital economy – which I believe is more significant than the birth of the industrial revolution. The partnership with Wayra and Enternships provides students with a real opportunity to get personally involved in this revolution and gain invaluable experience in working with the pioneers of this new age.

“There is always an incredible learning opportunity in working with any start-up, however, the Wayra start-ups are even more special because they are inherently digital. Wayra’s recent global call for entrepreneurs received 3,444 applications from teams wanting to join us and benefit from the acceleration Wayra provides.

“By virtue of this incredible volume of applications, the successful ones really are the best of the best – the partnership with Enternships creates an opportunity for students to work directly with them.”