EE calls for industry ‘tool kit’ on mobile video services


Senior manager of network strategy asks for a working group to help operators ensure decent end-user experience with mobile-video services

EE has called for an industry working-group to be set up to address the challenges created by increased mobile video traffic.

The operator’s senior manager of network strategy, architecture and design Matt Stagg said the mobile and broadcast industries need to come together to ensure a decent end-user experience with mobile video services.

Stagg said there are more players involved in the delivery of these services than others. Players include BSkyB who provide a satellite TV service in which it owns the rights to video content, the content provider, the mobile operator, handset vendor and applications developers.

“We need to have some kind of working group,” Stagg said.

“We all want the same thing…We want the customer to have a great experience and we want to make money. It is difficult to see where the money is coming from.

“As an operator we need a comprehensive tool kit…and it won’t look pretty.”