Third of handsets damaged within first three months

664 finds 37 per cent of people polled has experienced problems with their handset in the short period of time, with one in ten having insurance at the time of the damage

The majority of broken handsets become damaged within the first three months of ownership, with half given as gifts at Christmas already broken in some way, lost or stolen.

This is according to, which polled 2,579 handset owners in the UK, each over the age of 18, in a bid to find out how long into the ownership of a phone most commonly become broken.

The mobile phone insurance website found that 37 per cent of those polled said their handset had become broken for the first time three months or less after first gaining ownership of it.

Almost a quarter (23 per cent) said their phone has been a Christmas present, with just over half of these people (51 per cent) claiming they had experienced a problem with their handset since then.

Less than one in ten of the people polled (nine per cent) said their handset was insured at the time of the problems being experienced. Furthermore, almost two thirds said they weren’t aware that most insurance policies could only be taken out on handsets that were less than a year old. director Jason Brockman said: “To see that more than half of handsets given as gifts at Christmas are already broken, or have already been lost or stolen, is a big shock indeed. Most people are usually careful with their handsets in the initial weeks, wanting to keep their shiny new toy in tip top condition. After a little while though, phone owners tend to get careless.

“Most people assume you can insure a handset at any stage of owning it, but it’s difficult to find anyone willing to offer an insurance policy on a handset that’s over a year old. Get insurance out early, when you first get your phone, to insure you’re covered in all scenarios and at all times.”