Vodafone investigates claim of ‘explicit images’ found on new handset


Customer contacts local press after buying handset from network store which, he claims, contained 200 ‘very explicit images’

Vodafone is investigating claims a man bought a new Nokia Asha from its Bedford branch with 200 explicit images saved on the handset.

The claim was printed in local newspaper Bedford on Sunday yesterday (March 24), who interviewed Norman Walters, the customer making the accusation.

Walters claimed his grandson collected the phone directly from the store, and found the ‘very explicit images’. The operator swapped the phone for a replacement handset and gave him a free month on his £17 a month contract.

A Vodafone spokesperson told Mobile News: “If a customer pays for a new phone, that’s what they should receive. We do sell nearly new phones too, but these should be thoroughly cleansed of all data and photographs. We will be checking our processes to see what went wrong in this case.

“We have the phone in question, but we are unable to verify what photographs were on it as Mr Walters deleted them before returning it to the store.”