Mobile insurance firm identifies phone theft ‘danger zones’

764 has produced an infographic showing Westminster, Croydon and Hackney are among the worst boroughs for phone theft

Mobile phone insurance company has identified the areas in London and on the tube with the highest rate of handset theft.

Mobile phone theft ‘danger zones’ include boroughs Westminster, Croydon, Hackney, Islington and Lambeth.

An infographic created by the insurance firm includes facts from the Metropolitan police, who found that around half of all mobiles stolen are iPhones, and that the vast majority of thefts in London involve mobile phones.

The firm also found the worst tube lines for mobile phone theft are the Northern, Jubilee, District, and Bakerloo. The London Overground was also identified by as a danger zone.

The research also found the most commonly reported mobile phone thefts occurred between: Camden Town – Angel (Northern line); West Croydon – Canada Water (London overground); Lambeth North – Piccadilly Circus (Bakerloo line); West Ham – White Chapel (District line) and Hackney Central – Camden Road (London overground).

The safest tube lines in terms of mobile phone theft are the Central, Circle, Hammersmith and City, Victoria and Metropolitan.

To prevent being the victim of theft, has advised leaving your phone in a sealed pocket or bag and not leaving it on a seat next to you.

It said mobile users should not make or receive a phone call when leaving stations, as this is a prime time for phone theft. It added asking for the time was a common tactic deployed by thieves.