Tech Data Mobile: firm is now ‘safest pair of hands’ in distribution


President Rod Millar says growth has continued at the same rate post-JV, with its UK business also increasing

Tech Data Mobile is now the “safest pair of hands” in distribution after years of sustained investment in its logistics and IT solutions.

This is according to Tech Data Mobile president Rod Millar, who says the firm has invested more than €150 million (£130 million) across the business in recent years to help bolster the services offered to its customers and vendors alike.

Speaking to  Mobile News for the first time since the break-up of Tech Data’s JV with Brightstar Europe last September, Millar said his firm has significantly bolstered its mobility arm, offering best-in-class logistical and value-added services. He added that sales have continued to rise at a “solid” rate post-JV.

Sources close to the firm claimed revenues in the European arm of the business more than doubled during its last financial year ending February to more than €2.4 billion (£2 billion).

Millar refused to discuss regional figures, however.

He said: “It’s been a really successful transition and it hasn’t affected our sales at all.

“We’ve continued to grow at the same rate post-JV as we did pre-JV, so every month we sell more. I can’t discuss figures, but the UK business has increased.

“After six successful years there’s always a concern that when you change the name it will cause a bit of confusion. But telephone numbers didn’t change, none of the staff changed, so it was probably more confusing for people who didn’t deal with us than people who did.”

Millar added the investment and increased emphasis on mobile has helped Tech Data Mobile boost its credentials when entering tenders for accounts, namely winning the valuable Phones 4U fulfilment deal from 20:20 Mobile this year – 20:20 had held the contract for two decades.

“Tech Data made a substantial investment in buying the other half of the joint venture which clearly shows their commitment to mobile, and there’s definitely been an increased emphasis in that space,” Millar said.

“Our aim is to continue to grow and expand, which we have. Our recently signed agreement with Phones 4U was a big win for us. Outside Carphone Warehouse, Phones 4U are the biggest retailer in Europe, with 800 stores. So winning that contract, after 20:20 owned it for 20 years, is a clear sign of our abilities.

“Our investment is what sets us apart. The company has invested over €150 million in its logistics and IT platform. That makes us super-efficient and I don’t think there’s too many safer pairs of hands.”