Venom looking to take DataGard to the high street


Mobile security firm in discussions with retailers to stock software, with mobile networks also showing interest

Venom is in talks with major high street mobile and electrical retailers about stocking its new DataGard smartphone security software.

According to the firm, the product is the only iOS and Android security product available in the UK which protects against attacks from hackers through public Wi-Fi systems, which Venom claims is the biggest threat to users.

DataGard protects against standard viruses and phishing attacks on emails and texts as well as Wi-Fi threats which can be caused by hackers creating false networks in public places or using apps to hack into official networks.

The service is currently available in the US, with Venom in talks with UK retailers to stock the off-the-shelf version.

According to Venom CEO Bryan Davies, the company has also had interest from networks about deploying the solution.

Davies told Mobile News: “The weakness of Wi-Fi systems is the most prevalent and most difficult to protect against. In reality, just protecting against viruses does very little. DataGard offers military-grade encryption, protecting against the whole spectrum of threats.

“This is something we were very eager to get out there and we think we have about a year on the competition. There’s a lot of interest in this product and it’s a growing area of concern for a lot of consumers. This is a big market.

“Very few people have any sort of protection on their phone, but we expect it to follow the PC market where you’d never consider having no security on your computer.”