Mainline offers dealer incentive on EE connections


Airtime distributor paying dealers £20 bonus for every new business, upgrade and data connections made over their target

Mainline Digital Communications has launched its ‘Put some extra Spring in your sale’ promotion, offering its EE accredited dealers cash bonuses on connections.

Each dealer has been given a connection target to achieve, based on their recent trading history, with a £20 bonus for all new EE business connections, upgrades and data connections made over that target.

They will also receive a £10 bonus on EE SIM-only connections over the same period.

Mainline managing director Andrew Boden (pictured) said: “Interest in 4G continues to grow as EE rolls out its network across the UK’s towns and cities. Our role is to ensure that accredited dealers have the knowledge, training and resources to make the most of this excellent sales opportunity.

“The Spring bonus is there to provide additional motivation and to further reward them for their efforts in developing this growing market.”