Operator JV finds minimal 4G interference with Freeview


4G mobile services have caused less than expected interference with Freeview TV, a test by UK operator JV at800 has found

A test of the impact on Freeview TV by 4G mobile services has found lower than expected levels of interference.

At800, the joint venture by UK operators tasked with ensuring 4G services do not interfere with others, said only 15 households out of 22,000 reported interference with Freeview.

The JV had forecasted 120 households would be affected by the use of 800MHz band for both mobile and TV services.

At the 15 affected households filters have now been fitted that black 4G signals at 800MHz from reaching TV tuners. The filter does not affect the use of mobile phones.

At800 chief executive Simon Beresford-Wylie said: “This was a useful, small-scale test. We’ll now improve our forecast model and look at the approach we use to tackle the issues we’ve seen.”

It will carry out further tests this month and in May in larger urban areas.