£1.2m worth of iPhone 5s traded through comparison site


CompareMyMobile offering more than 400 quotes to unique users per day since its launch in September, with almost 4,000 traded through its website

Recycling comparison website CompareMyMobile has seen £1.2 million worth of iPhone 5s traded through its website since the handset’s launch at the end of September.

The firm said it offers over 400 quotes to unique users per day on the handset and has already seen 3,849 traded through its website, which offers deals from major recyclers such as Mazuma, Envirofone, Fonebank and Mobile Phone Xchange.

The main spikes for trades were in November and January, with the firm attributing the trend to customers’ disappointment with the handset and the increasing popularity of the Android OS.

Following the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the firm has also seen a spike in customers looking for prices for the current Galaxy range, with a 127 per cent boost in the numbers of valuations offered.

There has also been a 29 per cent rise in the number of Samsung handsets that have been traded in.

Apple devices now make up 47.9 per cent of all trade-ins made through the website, with BlackBerrys contributing 19.6 per cent, including 352 Z10s up to March 27, and Samsung devices making up 12.3 per cent.

Ashley Turner, co-founder of CompareMyMobile, said: “We’ve seen some extremely abnormal trade-in figures [for the iPhone 5] compared to normal trade-in volumes after a significant handset release since its release back in September 2012.

“We think that this may be down to the customers’ disappointment, with the device lacking a significant update compared to previous models and Android’s grip on the market increasing.”


  1. This spells good news for Samsung’s S4. Unless of course the Apple fan boys know something we don’t about a new device coming out.

    • Indeed Jim, there has been a 29% raise in the Samsung devices being recycled (like Chris mentioned in the article)… this figure continues to increase. We’re expecting a boom near the release date. The new apple device will probably be the 5S and it needs to pack a punch to compete!