Three offers faster 3G downloads in four cities


Coverage checker tests five cities and finds operator performed best in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Bristol, while finishing third in Leicester

Three provides the fastest 3G download speeds in four of the last five cities tested by independent coverage checker Rootmetrics.

According to the reports, which compared operators’ coverage quality on a number of popular smartphones, Three performed best in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Leeds and Bristol, while finishing third to O2 and Vodafone in Leicester.

EE’s 3G brands finished bottom in three of the five areas, with Vodafone scoring worst in Leeds and Bristol.

Three’s average download speed was 3Mbps in Edinburgh, compared to O2’s 2.2Mbps, Vodafone’s 1.9Mbps, T-Mobile’s 1.8Mbps and Orange’s 1.7Mbps. Glasgow showed a similar trend with Three on 2.5Mbps and T-Mobile last on 1.7Mbps.

Rootmetrics concluded on Three’s Edinburgh upload speeds: “On average, it could take nearly 65 per cent longer to upload a photo to an online album with Vodafone compared to Three.” Three’s average upload speed clocked in at 1.6Mbps. Vodafone’s was 0.5Mbps.

The coverage audit dates back to February and March, with Rootmetrics conducting around 20,000 individual tests per area.

Discussing Three’s Edinburgh result, Rootmetrics CEO Bill Moore (pictured) said: “Three’s impressive 3G speeds for mobile internet really stand out from the crowd on the Edinburgh tests.

“While consumers may derive value from other factors as well as actual network performance, we believe presenting mobile users with independent, professional data like this helps them decide if they’re getting value for money from their mobile phone provider.”