Frequency in top 100 most profitable UK companies


The mobile accessory distributor made the top 100 with a reported profit of £3.2 million and a turnover of over £27 million in 2012

Mobile accessory distributor Frequency Telecom has been ranked 36th in a list of the UK’s most profitable companies.

Frequency Telecom achieved the spot in the Sunday Times PwC Profit Track 100 with a reported profit of £3.2 million against a turnover in excess of £27 million in the financial year 2012.

It is the only mobile and audio distribution company to be included in the list.

The distributor put it success down to its team and company culture, saying it has “very loyal staff” across its European operations.

It said 2013 will see Frequency Telecom invest to achieve further growth.

Frequency Telecom managing director Gareth Limpenny said: “Working closely with our customers allows us to understand their business, both in terms of the products and support they require as well as their financial circumstances.

“This means we have been able to minimise bad debt exposure, which has been an exceptional result over the last 11 years, especially in the recent economic environment.

“We are absolutely delighted to be included within the Sunday Times PwC Profit Track 2013 list – especially in today’s economic climate. This is testament to our proven business model, our ability to spot commercial niches, our fastidious approach to detail and the fantastic team we have built here at Frequency Telecom.”

Elsewhere, Wireless Logic was placed 83rd in the list with profits of £4.17 million in the year ending March 2012, up 48.47 per cent from the previous year. XLN Business Services was 89th with profits of £9.92 million for the year ending March 2012, an increase of 46.34 per cent from the 12 months prior.

XLN founder and Group CEO Christian Nellemann said: “Small businesses need us now more than ever to cut their ever-rising costs and we give business owners fast and efficient service at low prices – which is why 130,000 have left other providers and joined XLN. With our new services we are looking to expand our mission to help small businesses in the UK save money on essential business expenditure and enjoy the savings that hereto only the larger companies have enjoyed.”