O2 launches Joined Up Customer for greater business engagement


Division aiming to help businesses improve their operations by making the most of digital technologies

O2 has launched Joined Up Customer, an approach it said would help UK businesses tailor services to better suit their customers’ digital needs.

The operator said the service provides organisations with access to the tools and insight needed to respond to customer needs. It said it will help them deliver new and personalised ways of interacting with customers, with a range of technologies that open communication channels through new apps and mobile services.

Instances include O2 offering B2C companies, such as retailers and other high street businesses, new ways to attract customers and maintain loyalty. For example, O2 has worked with Debenhams to provide O2 Wi-Fi so customers can connect to the service whenever they are in the store.

Another instance would see it provide local authorities with digital technology to engage with citizens in new ways and increase efficiencies within departments. For example, O2 has worked with Reading Council to develop a new mobile application connecting young people with the support services and resources available to help them get back into work.

O2 business director Ben Dowd said: “With the rise of mobile and social media, consumers have never been more connected or more influential. With smartphone penetration expected to reach 90 per cent in the next three years and with the advent of mainstream 4G services heralding a much faster and seamless mobile internet experience, this shift of power to the hands of consumers is only set to increase. For businesses that get it right, I believe this power shift presents a huge opportunity to grow.

“We operate over 450 stores and have more than 23 million customers in the UK so we understand mobility and we understand more than ever before how people’s expectations are changing in the digital age. Our mobile heritage, backed by technology expertise puts us in a unique position to help businesses deliver a personalised, consistent customer experience and ultimately, drive brand loyalty and business growth.”