Has Avenir UK been put up for sale?


Sources claim Avenir is looking for a buyer following speculation the distributor is shutting its Borehamwood hardware warehouse

Airtime distributor Avenir Telecom UK has been put up for sale, Mobile News understands.

The French-owned firm is said to have recruited a broker to find a potential buyer in the UK.

Sources close to the distributor insist the business is now for sale and that dealers and other UK distributors have been approached about buying it.

All those approached have signed a non-disclosure agreement, the sources add.

They claim the document does not state the name of the firm that is being sold, only that it is an O2 Strategic Partner with around 75,000 connections and the lowest churn rate in the UK.

The news comes as other sources claim Avenir is looking to shut its Borehamwood hardware warehouse.

A number of Avenir staff are understood to have made approaches to other telecom distribution firms in the past month. They claim all dispatch for accessories and handsets will now be made from the firm’s Marseilles headquarters.

Avenir Telecom UK said it would not comment on rumour and speculation.