BlackBerry 10 to cover all handset tiers in the coming months


Manufacturer to release BB10 smartphones targeted at the mid- and low-end markets

BlackBerry has revealed there will be more smartphones running its BlackBerry 10 platform released this year, covering all segments of the market over the course of time.

The manufacturer released the Q10 today, which became its second device and first with a QWERTY keypad to run the OS. It is on sale exclusively at Carphone Warehouse concession stores in Selfridges until April 28, with nationwide availability with all major mobile retailers and operators beginning next week.

It follows the Z10, which was launched in the UK on January 31. BlackBerry considers both devices to be ranked in the high-end smartphone segment.

BlackBerry UK managing director Rob Orr (pictured) declined to name any future devices or how many releases there would be this year, but said it would be the logical step to start at the high-end and work its way down through the tiers.

“There will absolutely be more BlackBerry 10 devices throughout the year,” he said. “We will have devices for all segments of the market over the course of time.

“If you look at a portfolio strategy, you start at the top and work your way down. That is a very logical step. The market has changed in terms of the importance of the top-tier and consumer buying behaviour has shifted.

“What people are spending their money on is changing and when you look at that change and evolution, you have to address different parts of the market. People want the best in their smartphone, so the top end is more important. That is changing some of the dynamics in the industry.”