Carphone Warehouse Business launches BlackBerry 10 incentive


Dealers buying the Z10 and Q10 to be rewarded with travel vouchers, with the top prize to the value of £5,000

Carphone Warehouse Business has launched ‘The Points Passport’ incentive, giving dealers buying the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10 the chance to win a holiday worth £5,000.

Running from May 1 until July 31, dealers are first set a personal target. Once they have achieved that, they will then enter a points system on volume of BlackBerry 10 devices purchased and connected in the period.

Every device purchased after their target is achieved will earn them 25 points, with that figure doubling if it has been connected to any network by the end of the quarter.

One hundred points will see them receive a £100 gift card or travel voucher, 200 points will give them a £200 gift card or travel voucher, 500 points will provide them with a £500 gift card or travel voucher, 1,000 points is equal to £1,000 in travel vouchers and achieving 2,000 points will be rewarded with a £2,000 travel voucher.

Those amassing 3,000 points or more will qualify for the £5,000 travel voucher. A holiday worth £1,000 will also be awarded for the dealer that achieves the highest volume of 4GEE connections with BlackBerry devices.