Galaxy S4 third most popular smartphone four days after release


Samsung’s flagship device already challenging Apple at the top of the uSwitch Mobile Tracker, with much movement expected this summer following new handset releases

The Samsung Galaxy S4 was the third most popular smartphone in April, despite only having been on sale for the last four days of the month.

This is according to the most recent Mobile Tracker, which is based on live searches, pre-orders and sales.

The Apple iPhone 5 16GB and iPhone 4S held onto first and second position respectively, with the HTC One moving up one spot to fourth. The Samsung Galaxy S III fell a place to fifth, while the iPhone 4 8GB remained in sixth.

Sony’s Xperia Z smartphone fell three positions to number seven, while the Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S III Mini remained in eighth and ninth positions respectively. The Galaxy S II was in tenth, down three places.

According to, just before the Galaxy S4 went on sale on April 27, it was at number five in the chart based on pre-orders alone, meaning it could overtake the iPhone 5 in May. telecoms expert Ernest Doku said: It comes as little surprise that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 has entered the chart in such a strong position. A carefully orchestrated sequence of reveals and events since its initial March unveiling has seen the S4 remain on the lips of critics and eager consumers alike. The hype train had barely left the station and popularity in terms of searches and pre-orders were through the roof, resulting in performance usually the preserve of an Apple device.

“The fact that Apple and Samsung occupy eight of the top ten spots is a clear indication of their dominance in the smartphone space, with the impressive HTC One valiantly holding its own.

Doku added that with early positive demand for the BlackBerry Q10 and the unveiling of a new Nokia Lumia smartphone on May 14, there will be plenty of movement in the chart over the coming months.

“The slight slip of the XPERIA Z does highlight an interesting trend – the front-loaded nature of handset launches, where device manufacturers attempt to garner attention in a crowded market quickly, followed by demand falling away. Price reductions, free gifts and benefits are frequently bestowed on those customers willing to commit early and pre-order the latest smartphone, as they know a heavy hitter from their competition is just around the corner.

“With BlackBerry’s keyboard-toting Q10 having its own high-profile unveiling at Selfridges and Nokia poised to reveal a new Lumia device in mid-May, expect to see more big bets on flagship phones, which will undoubtedly result in some winners and losers this summer.”