Mobile operator JV to test 4G interference in Brighton


at800, a JV by EE, O2, Vodafone and Three, will test whether 4G running on the same spectrum as Freeview affects the TV service in Brighton

Mobile operator joint venture at800 is to trial 4G services running on the 800MHz band in Brighton, with the aim of ensuring they do not affect Freeview TV signals in the area.

The trial will begin in mid-May and will affect around 80,000 households, with a portion being sent a 4G filter beforehand. This connects between the existing TV aerial cable and the TV or Freeview box and is designed to block 4G at 800MHz.

The results of the trail will determine whether the 4G masts can remain active indefinitely.

Chief executive Simon Beresford said: “The hilly terrain in Brighton – which can affect TV signals – coupled with Freeview being transmitted on frequencies very close to 4G at 800MHz will make this a very useful trial. We urge viewers in Brighton to call us should they see any new problems with their Freeview reception.”