Samsung launches record marketing campaign to push S4


Handset will be promoted on TV, in newspapers, in-store and on largest billboards in the UK 

Samsung has announced its seven-week advertising campaign for the S4 will be its largest UK marketing project to date as it seeks to emulate the success of the SIII.

Its TV advertising campaign started earlier this week with adverts placed during prime-time shows such as Britain’s Got Talent and during the Champions League semi-final coverage on ITV.

As part of the promotional drive adverts will also be shown before major films in cinemas and will feature on websites, social media, in print publications and on 21 of the largest billboard sites in the UK, which include posters at the IMAX in London, Oxford Circus, Piccadilly Circus, Westfield and at Heathrow Terminal 5.

Samsung UK VP of IM division Simon Stanford said: “The Galaxy S III was the UK’s number one handset for 10 consecutive months and became Samsung’s fastest and biggest selling smartphone to date. Therefore there has been a huge amount of buzz around its successor, the Galaxy S4, so we wanted to create a campaign that reflected this.

“We are confident that this campaign will pick up where the Galaxy S III activity left off, in improving our corporate brand scores and creating a fantastic experience for our customers.’’