Micro-P ‘will revolutionise’ B2B with new leasing deal


The distributor says it is the first to launch a B2B leasing scheme, aimed at lowering costs for businesses while meeting demand for the latest devices

Mobile and IT distributor Micro-P has launched a new B2B handset leasing service which it says will “revolutionise” the business mobile market.

The scheme, which ‘soft-launched’ last month, is similar to the O2 Lease scheme, enabling customers to pay for handsets through monthly instalments rather than upfront fees.

Leasing costs will vary depending on the lending period.

A handset costing £400, for example, will cost £38.51 per month if taken on a 12-month contract.

It will cost £19.58 if leased for 24 months, and £13.63 if leased for 36 months.

A £200 handset will cost £19.25 per month if leased for 12 months, £9.79 if leased for 24 and £6.82 for 36 months.

Customers will receive the cashback value of the returned device depending on its condition, which goes towards their next handset upgrade.

Leasing is available on SIM free phones only.

The handsets available at launch will be limited to Nokia’s Lumia range, with more manufacturers being added in the coming months. These are expected to include LG and Samsung.

Micro-P has appointed two new members of staff to run the service from its offices in Stoke.

The firm’s sales director for mobile, Simon Woodman, said Micro-P is the first distributor to offer such a scheme for B2B dealers and he said it will leverage the knowledge and experience it has gained through its laptop leasing service to ensure the mobile equivalent is a success.

Woodman said: “This is going to revolutionise things, because everyone wins. It potentially halves your bill through reduced upfront costs and cashback on the returned device.

“At the moment we are leading with Nokia but it can work with any handset. We will start to broaden that out – we have got a great working relationship with Nokia, so it makes sense for us to go down that route first.”

Mobile revenue to top £300m this year

Micro-P says it can become the UK’s largest mobile distributor  within the next three years.

Woodman said the company expects turnover from its mobile business to increase by between £80 million and £100 million in its 2013 financial year – taking total revenues to around £300 million.

He said he expects handset sales to increase from 900,000 during Micro-P’s 2012 financial year to between 1.4 million and 1.7 million.

Tablet sales are also predicted to double to just under one million during the same period.

Woodman said: “We want to be the largest mobile distributor in the UK. We feel confident we have put the right foundations in place to really start to grow this and get some significant market share from the other guys.”