O2 Refresh chosen by 90pc of new and upgrading customers


The tariff, which allows customers to upgrade their handset mid-contract without penalty, has proved especially popular with those buying iPhones

O2 has said 90 per cent of customers eligible for its ‘Refresh’ tariff have chosen it, with the figure rising to 95 per cent for iPhone customers.

The tariff, launched April 12, separates the cost of the handset from the contract, allowing customers to upgrade their handset mid-contract without having to pay off the remaining months first.

Out of those customers purchasing phones on which O2 Refresh is available, 90 per cent have chosen the tariff.

O2 Refresh handsets include the iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Sony Xperia Z, HTC One and BlackBerry Z10. O2 said more handsets are being added to the list.

The operator said 95 per cent of iPhone customers have chosen O2 Refresh.

O2 announced it will now sell O2 Refresh, currently sold only through its retail stores and to existing customers over the phone, on its website and to potential customer over the phone.