Vodafone gets 32GB Nokia Lumia 925


Operator to sell variant of the handset that has double the internal memory of the standard model 

Vodafone has announced that it will exclusively sell the Nokia Lumia 925 32GB smartphone in black.

The device will go on sale next month. Vodafone said it will announce an exact launch date and tariff pricing in due course.

The exclusive deal will see Vodafone offer the handset with twice the internal memory of the standard Lumia 925, which has 16GB of storage.

Vodafone group director of terminals Patrick Chomet said: “The new Nokia Lumia 925 is sleek, sophisticated and delivers outstanding performance – it’s a great smartphone. We look forward to offering the Nokia Lumia 925 across our markets on Vodafone Red, as well as other tariffs.

“Vodafone customers will also have exclusive access to a 32GB version of the Nokia Lumia 925, giving them even more capacity to store all their content for personal and business use.”