Samsung to tackle Galaxy S4 ‘bloatware’


The manufacturer is considering expanding the memory capacity of future Galaxy S4 models after it featured on an episode of Watchdog

Samsung is considering expanding the memory capacity of future Galaxy smartphones, after its latest release featured on customer complaints TV show Watchdog.

The manufacturer said it will “respond” to complaints from users of its Galaxy S4 smartphone that the phone only offers 9GB of internal memory, compared to the 16GB advertised.

The handset featured on May 16’s episode of Watchdog after it received numerous complaints about the problem.

One Galaxy S4 user said the phone is “almost unusable” because of the limited memory.

The issue is caused by the amount of material Samsung has to load onto the memory to make features such as eye-scrolling work. ‘Bloatware’ is a problem that has the potential to affect all smartphones as they become more advanced.

Samsung told Watchdog it appreciated the issue being raised and will “review its customer communication for future products.”

It said customers could get a micro-SD card for music and photos, although applications cannot be stored this way.

Samsung also told the program future upgrades of the phone may include more memory space.