Vodafone says 4G should be priced at a premium


Vodafone Northern and Central Europe CEO Philipp Humm has said EE’s 4G pricing strategy is “the right way to go”

Charging a premium for 4G is the ‘right way to go’ according to Vodafone Northern and Central Europe CEO Philipp Humm.

Although the operator is yet to reveal its strategy for pricing its LTE services, which will launch in the summer, Humm’s comments at Vodafone’s annual financial results are the first official indication the operator will charge a premium for its enhanced data service.

EE charges a premium for its service, whereas Three has confirmed it will give customers with compatible devices for the same price as 3G. O2 is yet to reveal any details.

Discussing the firm’s strategy on 4G around Europe, Humm said: “We don’t have LTE in the UK at the moment, but EE has charged a premium and we think that’s the right way to go.”