HTC First ‘Facebook phone’ pulled from UK release

Written by: James Pearce
HTC First ‘Facebook phone’ pulled from UK release

Pre-orders cancelled as Facebook decides not to launch the phone in the UK

The HTC First will not go on sale in the UK as initially planned, according to sources.

The source said the decision not to offer the device, the first to come pre-loaded with ‘Facebook Home’ software, was made by Facebook.

The HTC First went on sale in the US on April 14 and was due to come to the UK in the next few months, exclusively with EE initially.

Sources said this is no longer the case, and that customers will be informed shortly that pre-orders will not be fulfilled.

Earlier this month US operator AT&T reduced the upfront price of the HTC First on a 24-month contract from $99.99 to $0.99. Reports suggest the carrier, which had exclusivity on the phone at launch, is planning to drop the device.

Our source said: “The HTC First has been pulled and will never go on sale in the UK. Sales in the US were poor and Facebook has taken the decision not to give it a more widespread release.”

Mobile News is awaiting a response from HTC.

2 Responses to “HTC First ‘Facebook phone’ pulled from UK release”

  1. jnffarrell1 says:

    It’s not nice to fool mother android. As others have/will find out skinning Android to lock out Google services is not smart. Perfectly greedy, everything flows to me Apps are bound to fail when all every user needs cannot be found on that App, and that includes Amazon’s Kindle skin.

  2. Sir H to the TC says:

    lol facebook… is it 2011 again?


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