Samsung Galaxy S4 breaks 10m sales mark in its first month


Smartphone selling at a rate of four units per second, setting a new sales record for the manufacturer

Samsung has revealed that global sales of its Galaxy S4 smartphone has surpassed 10 million units less than one month after going on sale.

The manufacturer’s flagship device, which launched on April 27, is estimated to be selling at a rate of four units per second.

The Galaxy S4 has set a new record for Samsung, selling quicker than any of its predecessors. The Galaxy S III reached the 10 million mark 50 days after its launch last May, while the Galaxy S II took five months and the Galaxy S seven months to achieve the milestone.

The smartphone is now available in more than 110 countries and will gradually be rolled out to 155 countries across 327 partners.

Samsung will also be introducing more colour variations for the Galaxy S4 this summer. Joining the current black and white models will be blue, red, purple and brown variants.