Sony Xperia SP to be sold without a charger at O2 stores


Japanese firm becomes third manufacturer after HTC and Nokia to sign up to scheme

Sony has become the latest manufacturer to sign up to O2’s charger-free scheme.

Customers buying the new Xperia SP, following its launch later this month, will receive the handset without a charger in the box as part of O2’s eco-drive.

The latest announcement comes following the operator’s trial scheme with HTC with the One X+ and the One handsets. Nokia has also announced it plans to supply the Lumia 925 with only a USB charger to O2 customers.

According to O2, over 70 per cent of UK mobile phone owners already have interchangeable USB charging units that can be used with almost any handset. The network also estimates there are currently 100 million unused phone chargers in the UK.

O2 CEO Ronan Dunne said: “As an industry, we have a duty to our customers to behave in a way that is environmentally responsible, making our businesses leaders in sustainability. Taking chargers out of the box is a small change that has a huge environmental benefit – cutting down not just on waste, but also the environmental costs of transport, storage and component manufacture.

“We have trialled this scheme with two major handset launches and have been able to show our partners that consumers are ready to buy phones without the chargers – if the environmental benefits are explained clearly to them. Sony backing our campaign is a major step towards making chargers out of the box the norm in the UK and I very much hope that we will see others joining us over the course of this year.”

Sony marketing director Catherine Cherry added: “There is a clear willingness amongst customers to listen to the environmental message, so from our perspective pilots like this are essential to reducing environmental waste.

“Networks and handset manufacturers have to take a lead on this area and so we were eager to run a trial with one of our leading smartphones. If it works well, we will obviously consider rolling this out more widely.”


  1. Well this is stupid if they truly wanted to help they should have given a free £5 pound top up or discount on their contract for the first month to people who don’t need a charger instead of forcing people who actually need one to pay extra for something that came as standard. However this is a step in the right direction.