Brits spending £5.8m a year on unused apps


Tesco Mobile survey of 2,000 people finds that less than a third of apps are used on a regular basis

British consumers are wasting £5.8 million on paid-for apps that are barely ever used.

That is according to research conducted by Tesco Mobile of 2,000 people earlier this month. It found that the average British smartphone has 23 apps installed on it, but less than a third are used on a regular basis.

Just 10 per cent of Brits are deleting unused apps, with 15 per cent admitting that they have never deleted an app from their handset.

The research also revealed that wile the average mobile has 66 phone number on it, consumers have no recollection of who a tenth of those contacts are.

Tesco Mobile chief marketing officer Simon Groves said: “With so many apps readily available, it’s tempting to get app-happy and download those that seem like a good idea at the time but are never likely to get used.

“A bit of savvy app shopping, making the most of top notch free apps and giving your phone a bit of a clear out will make space for what you do need  and save you money all at the same time.”