Cognatel launches mobile service for landlords


Allpay mobile is designed for housing association residents, offering them calling rates below those of major UK operators

Mobile services provider Cognatel has launched allpay mobile for housing association residents, in partnership with MVNO ET Telecom.

Allpay mobile, currently being piloted by a range of housing associations, offers residents calling rates below those of major UK operators.

It’s rewards package means that every time a subscriber tops up, 10 per cent is saved towards their rent account.

Multiple allpay mobile subscribers can contribute to the same rental account and call each other for free.

Cognatel said the service has already seen “huge demand” from landlords wanting to take part. Family Mosaic, IDS Housing Association, Knowsley Housing, Trafford Housing Trust, Cestria and Herefordshire Housing have all confirmed their place in the pilot.

allpay managing director Tony Killeen said: “We know the welfare reform is a challenging time for many of our clients and we hope that allpay mobile will be one more way to help landlords curb arrears.”

ET Telecoms CEO Darren Mikail said: “Now is the perfect time for brands to tap into the mobile services market. We are increasingly seeing them use mobile communications to tailor niche services for their customers.

“Companies like allpay are at the forefront of this change, offering their own branded services for their specific target audiences and, in the process, generating previously untapped revenue opportunities.”