Samsung announces water and dust-proof version of S4


Galaxy S4 Active will be released in the UK later in the summer 

Samsung has unveiled a more rugged version of the Galaxy S4, the S4 Active, aimed at customers with outdoor lifestyles.

The upgraded version of its flagship handset is dust-proof and can withstand submersion in water for up to half an hour.

Specifications on the handset are the same as the S4 with the exception of upgrades designed to make the device more durable including an ‘aqua mode’ built into the camera software which improves the clarity of images taken underwater.

The device will be launched in the UK in the summer and will be available in grey, blue and orange.

Samsung vice president of IT and mobile Simon Stanford said: “The Galaxy S4 Active offers all the great features of the original Galaxy S4, but with added innovative protective design elements to suit our most active customers. Built for an outdoors lifestyle, the Galaxy S4 Active is a life companion for all environments.”

Phones 4U has already announced it will stock the device on release.