Apple ‘playing catch up’ with Nokia’s radio streaming service


Nokia has pointed out that it launched a radio streaming service in 2011, while Apple’s iTunes Radio was announced yesterday

Nokia has said Apple is “playing catch up” with the launch of its radio streaming service.

The comments come after Apple launched iTunes Radio yesterday (June 10). The service, due to come to Britain later this year, promises over 200 radio stations tailored to the users’ music tastes.

Users will be able to share their stations with friends and buy songs with one click from the iTunes store.

Nokia responded to the announcement by saying Apple’s is only just catching up to it, as its radio streaming service launched in 2011.

Nokia entertainment VP Jyrki Rosenburg said: “We launched our streaming radio service in 2011. It’s interesting to see Apple react now and it seems they continue to play catch up. Nokia Music will stay true to our mobile-first approach and continue to deliver an extremely simple, personalised and contextual way to discover and enjoy music on the go.

“By removing the time and costs associated with exploring and keeping on the pulse of music, its popularity with consumers continues to grow. Nokia Music is live in 28 countries from India to Russia, from Finland to South Africa and from Canada to Mexico.”