EE experiencing network issues in south west England


Operator advising people to switch handsets on and off and change network from 3G to GSM mode

EE is experiencing network issues in south east England, with people using social media websites to complain about a loss of mobile signal.

The operator’s Facebook page has received several complaints from customers, with some complaining they have been without a mobile signal for the past two days.

EE is advising affected customers in Devon and particularly Plymouth to switch their handsets off and on and to change their network mode from 3G to GSM.

In a statement, EE said it was aware of an issue affecting 3G service for Orange and T-Mobile customers in Plymouth, Exeter and Torquay and was working to resolve the problem as quickly as possible.



  1. This lack of coverage is a huge issue. I use my phone for business and have been unable to make calls and check my emails consistently. Expect a refund for this awful service…..

  2. when switched 3G off on my phone network is still poor.Thanks lord I have end of my contract in T mobile this month .I will find something better.

  3. I wonder why there was no prior information from EE with regards to this situation. I got up today to experience this ‘no Internet ‘ status. I have been greatly disturbed thinking it was a problem to do with my phone, only to discover it is a general issue.

    Poor network, zero customer support, bad customer service.

  4. EE everything everywhere? No signal for 2days and I need it for business. Customer service support really poor. I wonder if a refund will be made??

  5. This is rubbish, if I could get out of my EE contract I would. 3 month with them and I’ve only had about 4 weeks of decent network. The first part of my contract I had no data even though the phone said there was and I found lots of other people with the same problem then this happens. This company is nothing but useless and really don’t seem to care about giving the service they claim they are selling.