EE placing support staff in largest distributors


EE is conducting a month-long trial to help Mainline, Midland, Daisy and Carphone Warehouse cope with an increase in connections to its networks

EE has announced it is placing representatives from the company in its largest distributors to help them cope with an increase in connections on its 2G, 3G and 4G networks.

The operator has launched a month-long trail which will see EE support staff work with Mainline, Midland, Daisy and Carphone Warehouse.

EE said the decision is based on a “rapid increase” in connections on its 2G and 3G networks T-Mobile and Orange and 4GEE.

Head of business sales Darren Goldsmith said: “We’re making an innovative change in the way that we support our partners. As connections on 4GEE, Orange and T-Mobile have continued to rapidly increase in recent months, we’ve seen an increase in the important of providing quick, expert support.

“To provide the best possible support to our partners, we’ve recently launched a month-long trial to place EE support staff into each of out four largest distributors – Mainline, Midland, Daisy and Carphone Warehouse.

“Our partners see how progressive this is and have welcomed the move as a positive step. We’re confident that we can make a real difference to how all the parties work together, and look forward to seeing the results in the coming weeks.”


  1. What they fail to mention though is that dealers now have no telephone support from the network which means everything has to go in via email. This is a nightmare, especially in a retail scenario where customers do not want to wait!