Telefónica to push Windows Phone 8 in one-year deal


The operator will increase marketing spend and work with suppliers and manufacturers to ensure high-end devices are available

O2 parent Telefónica has signed a one year deal with Microsoft that will see the operator boost its marketing of Windows Phone 8 devices.

In the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, Brazil and Chile, Telefónica has promised to encourage market demand for Windows Phone 8.

It will do this by working with leading manufacturers of Windows Phone 8 devices to make sure devices are available throughout its partnership with Microsoft.

It will also work with suppliers to ensure availability of high-quality devices.

In a statement on the deal, Telefónica said it is “committed” to enhancing its offering by encouraging “additional mobile operating platforms as an alternative to the current duopoly of Android and iOS”.

Earlier this year, the operator said it would support handsets running on Mozilla’s Firefox OS.

Telefónica COO José María Álvarez Pallete said: “An associate partner such as Microsoft is chosen as a result of its operator-focused business approach. The Microsoft business culture is based on a model of value creation through its partner associates, which fits in perfectly with our culture and also with our way of doing business.”


  1. Still unconvinced by Windows Phone. The simple design and bright coloured tiles look great – but it’s not quite there when it comes to usability. For ease of use Android and iOS are child’s play compared to WP8.