Wi-Fi on London Underground available to O2 users from July 9


O2 to join wholesale partners EE and Vodafone in offering Virgin’s service for free at more than 120 stations¬†

Virgin Media’s Wi-Fi service on the London Underground will be made available to O2 customers for free from July 9.

In April, Virgin announced it had signed up O2 as a wholesale partner for the service, joining EE and Vodafone. The Wi-Fi service is now available across more than 120 London Underground stations.

Customers wishing to use the service will have to sign up to O2 Wi-Fi before entering a station that is Wi-Fi enabled. This can be done at one of the operator’s 8,000 Wi-Fi hotspots or through the Android/iOS app.

They will need to select ‘Virgin Wi-Fi’ from the list of networks and open a browser, where they will be directed to a ‘Virgin Sign In’ page. They will then need to select ‘Other Provider’ and then the O2 option, where they will have to enter their O2 mobile number they used when joining O2 Wi-Fi.