Teen jailed for 13 years over phone row killing


Dogan Ismail was stabbed by Dawda Jallow after he and his brother attempted to retrieve a BlackBerry smartphone

Teenager Dawda Jallow has been jailed for 13 years for the murder of Dogan Ismail after the victim visited a housing estate to retrieve his brother’s stolen mobile.

Ismail, 17 (pictured) was stabbed through the heart after going with his 15-year-old brother to get back his BlackBerry smartphone from the Aylesbury Estate in Walworth, south London.

On December 28, Dogan’s younger brother was meeting a friend from the estate when he had his phone stolen by a group that included 16-year-old Jallow.

Ismail and his brother returned to try and retrieve the phone but were led to Latimer House where Jallow went into a flat, returned with a large knife and stabbed Ismail in the chest.

At the Old Bailey, Judge Christopher Moss told Jallow that his attack was carried out with “force and ferocity” but that he couldn’t be sure if he had intended to kill his victim.

He said: “You have said you recognise the effect that your actions have had on those who loved him (Dogan) and I can only hope that is the case.”

Detective Chief Inspector Matt Bonner welcomed the sentence in what he said was an “appalling and violent attack”.