Vodafone plays down PAYG customer backlash


Decision to charge by the minute rather than second angers customers, but Vodafone says no complaints received

Vodafone confirmed this week it will charge customers by the minute – rather than the second – from August 1.

The operator, which has around eight million customers on prepay, announced the changes on Monday (July 8) via text message. The operator claims the changes were designed to simplify understanding for customers.

The news prompted a backlash on Vodafone’s official online forum, many of which accused the operator of making the change for financial gain.

One poster wrote: ‘This price hike is a joke. You are treating us as idiots.”

Another said: ‘As usual Vodafone is trying to pull wool over our eyes by saying these changes will make lives easier for customers.”

A Vodafone spokesperson defended the changes, claiming Orange and T-Mobile customers already pay for calls by the minute rather than the second. O2 confirmed it charges per second, after the first minute.

The spokesperson added as yet, they have yet to receive a single direct complaint.

Vodafone’s prepay number fell 398,000 in its last quarter ending March 31.