EE appoints Francoise Clemes as chief of customer service


Clemes, former chief of HR at EE, formally replaces Jackie O’Leary who left in May. EE director of reward and reporting Patrick Bradley will replace Clemes

EE has appointed Francoise Clemes as chief of customer service.

Clemes has held the position on an interim basis since Jackie O’Leary left at the end of May.

She joined EE brand Orange in 1992 and has worked in a HR capacity for various divisions since 1997. She became chief of HR at EE in September 2011, having been vice president of HR in Europe for five years at France Telecom Group.

Patrick Bradley, former EE director of reward and reporting, will succeed Francoise as chief of HR.

EE CEO Olaf Swantee said: “Francoise has a passion for customer service excellence and has ambitions and exciting new plans for the area. Drawing on her many years of expertise in HR and people management she will inspire a new level of commitment and excellence from our teams to ensure our customers receive the best possible service from EE.”


  1. Francoise,
    RE: Since 2010 till now Dissatisfied Orange Customer from 1992
    since my deterioration in health in 2011 my Mobility is limited and despite my physically supported car drop-off visits to my local EE shops (Holloway Road N7 and Angel Islington London) since 17 May 2014 failed assurances my new less mobility circumstances were logged yesterday Monday 4 August (y friend Recrded Ms Hume’s deliberately verbally abusive accusatory attitude she egrating my disability status request of August1, 2014 Ref19299490 she shouted at me in an accusatory demanding tones and refused to allow me to complete a sentence in response to her accusations.
    Yesterday of 8 months of talks with Orange EE Customer service staff, on a call from 5:50pm onwards Please know since 2013 Sept thru to December 2013 and since January 2014 I have evidence of numerous rude Orange EE Customer staff – recordings dates and times can be provided.
    As I am now seeking help to reassign my benefits to pay bills and limited walking, disabled limited mobility, I require at least text services, Ms Hume was dismissive, ridiculed my disability as she insisted on accusing me of ‘forcing mobile services usage from May 17 – July 28, 2014 Monday 4 August 2014 this has left me sickened and disgusted. I alone, am disappointed, frustrated and alone, since July 28 till now blocked. please can you tell me why? for me as a customer despite patient calls, I am not abusive to Orange EE staff but Ms Hume has done this to me more than once. Under DPA please check recording of Monday 4 August call from 5:40 – 6pmish There has been no demonstration of knowledge of My disability rights as a customer.