EE customers can use mobiles inflight thanks to AeroMobile


The partnership means EE customers will join O2, Three and Vodafone’s in being able to call, text and use data on their mobile on flights with AeroMobile technology

Inflight mobile phone operator AeroMobile has signed an agreement with EE which will see its customers be able to use their mobiles while in the air.

The deal means AeroMobile can now offer its services to customers of the UK’s four major operators, as it already has partnerships with O2, Three and Vodafone.

This year more than 120,000 UK-based passengers have used the AeroMobile service, sending 175,000 text messages and making 25,000 calls.

The company said its research showed 70 per cent of passengers would use their mobile inflight if they could.

The AeroMobile service, which relies on specially designed hardware to ensure mobile use does not interfere with the aircraft, is active on 150 aircrafts across nine airlines including Virgin Atlantic. All Virgin Atlantic flights between the US and London Gatwick offer the AeroMobile service, as well as selected flights from Manchester and Heathrow.

Users are charged according to roaming rates as set by their operator, and according to AeroMobile are usually similar to ‘rest of the world’ (non-European) tariffs.

AeroMobile CEO Kevin Rogers said: “Adding EE to our portfolio of roaming partners opens up inflight connectivity to even more UK passengers.

“EE joins the three other big operators in the UK in offering mobile customers the option to use their own phones inflight, and with more and more airlines offering the service, we expect to see increasing numbers of passengers opting to stay connected inflight. In fact, our research shows that 70 per cent of travellers would use their mobile inflight if they had the option.

“So far this year, more than 7,000 flights have flown to or from the UK with the AeroMobile service onboard, and we’re adding more airlines and more routes every month.”