Phones 4U readies new multi-million pound ad campaign


Push across TV, print, outdoor and in-store to promote retailer as the best destination for upgrades, supported by its biggest social media promotion to date

Phones 4U is to launch a multi-million advertising campaign aimed at showing the retailer as the best place to upgrade their smartphone.

Launching tomorrow, the multimedia #projectupgrade campaign will feature on television, print, outdoor and in-store, and will be supported by Phones 4U’s biggest social media campaign top date.

The TV ads feature two 40 second spots, which will initially air during peak time across E4, Channel 4, ITV2 and Sky channels, will feature Phones 4U employees ‘upgrading’ newly single people by giving them better ‘other halves’.

It said the concept plays on the metaphor that a customer ‘breaking up’ with their current smartphone doesn’t have to be painful and that Phones 4U will upgrade them to a better model.

The ads, where shot in LA and Casino Morongo near Palm Springs, will promote the retailer’s exclusive range of 4G smartphones, including the Samsung Galaxy S4 in blue.

Phones 4U said the campaign aims to further strengthen its position as the industry’s leading place to upgrade a smartphone, as previously highlighted during its ‘Upgrades 4u and u and u’ ad campaign.

On social media, consumers will be encouraged to engage with the campaign through a dedicated #projectupgrade hub on the retailer’s Facebook page, where it will be asking people what they want upgrading, and processing some of those requests. It said the upgrades could be anything from improving a person’s morning coffee, to making their office party the biggest of the year.

Phones 4U head of brand communications Caspar Nelson said: “Following on from the success of our previous ‘Upgrades 4u and u and u’ campaign, which generated a 50 per cent increase in people listing Phones 4u in their top destinations for an upgrade, we’ve designed #projectupgrade to convey the same message in a fresh and involving style.

“Key to the success of this campaign will be our social media engagement, which is why we’re backing  the activity with a £1 million investment, enabling us to interact with more people than ever before by providing genuine, real-life upgrades to people’s lives across the country.”